About Us

KMB Salon System was developed in 2008 as a house brand for Caris Salon Service and the brand has continued to grow. 

When the relaxer lost favor as the salon service of choice in 2009, Caris management knew that they needed to help bring customers back into the salon. After investigating Salon client needs, Caris employed a chemist to develop a product that could give Clients the look and feel of a relaxer while maintaining the integrity of their hair texture.

He suggested amino acid as the active ingredient.

After extensive testing of the developed product, Great Hair was born. Not only did our test reveal that our formulation was a great smoothing product, but test on high school beauty students (they have the most damaged and abused hair ever), we discovered that Great Hair actually repaired their hair and left it in better condition.

Great Hair was introduced at Bronner Brother’s Midwinter Beauty Show in 2011. Since that time, we have continued to investigate and test other attributes of the product. Today we market Great Hair, not only for smoothing and damage repair, but also for its ability to strengthen hair in the bleach and hair coloring process.

Since that time, we have expanded the line to include KMB Naturally Klean, Klean and most recently KMB Salon products. These products have been developed and formulated for excessively curly hair and will provide consistent results. 

You can reach out to us at inform@kmbsalon.com or 800-879-4494.