Frequently Asked Questions

KMB Salon Great Hair System

When should I apply KMB Treatment if I am coloring hair?

KMB Great Hair Amino Acid Treatment & Color Application
Apply Great Hair Treatment AFTER:
High Lift Color (30+ Volume Developers)
Apply Great Hair Treatment BEFORE:
Rinses & Semi or Demi Permanent Color Application

How long does the treatment last?

Under average conditions (not excessive humidity or management), anticipate the treatment to last 12 weeks.  New growth will not be affected by the treated hair.

How to apply Great Hair Treatment?

1. Shampoo Hair with KMB Great Hair Clarifying Shampoo twice to ensure all build-up and product residue is removed.

2. Section hair into 4 parts from the crown of the head to the front and the back. Pump out several pumps of the KMB Restructuring Conditioning foam into a color mixing bowl and apply to base of hair with applicator brush. Work the solution from the root to the tip using 1/4 inch partings before moving on to another section. 

3. Once the entire head has been covered with the Restructuring conditioner, place under a processing cap. We suggest 15-20 minutes under a processing cap and the client can be placed under medium heat in hood dryer or allowed to sit. Check the curl relaxation from time to time and once it has reached a texture you can continue, then rinse thoroughly and wash with KMB Great Hair Moisturizing Shampoo.  (If hair is white, silver, blonde, clarify the hair twice to rinse out any discoloration.)
4.  Apply a quarter size amount of the KMB Great Hair Moisturizing Conditioner and allow client to set for approximately 2 minutes and then rinse well and towel dry.  The GH Moisturizing Condition will help to control any static.

5. Apply 2 to 3 pumps of KMB Pure Shine Silkener in hand and smooth into the hair. For excessively long hair, 4 to 5 pumps may be needed.  Style as necessary. 

If Flat Ironing use temperatures between 430 and 450 degrees. 

430 degrees for fine, thin, relaxed, gray, blonde or silver hair. 

450 degrees for coarse hair

Use 400 degrees or less to flat iron for maintenance like touch ups. 

Can I use KMB Great Hair Treatment with young children?

Yes, the Great Hair treatment can be used on children. Your styling professional can apply and can manage the process. For children with unusually kinky hair, please manage the Restructuring processing time under the cap. Ideal for use prior to summer braiding to help the braids last longer.

KMB Klean
Use KMB Klean before clarifying shampoos to remove product build up and residue to hair.